Visit to Denmark the 5. of September 2017.

From Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s speech at Flag Day in Copenhagen on 5. September 2017.

“And to you who have been sent, I will say:
We need to take care of the best we have. We have to take care of you. It was just missing.
You are our true heroes.
And when you return home, it is for the vast majority with a robustness and an insight that we must appreciate and use.
But we must not forget those of you who come home with scars on body and soul.
You must have the necessary support. To get a job. To get treatment. Physically or mentally.
Therefore, last year, the government conducted a service check of the veterans effort. Those initiatives are being implemented.
As a society, we must do what we can.
But we never get on the side of what you veterans themselves mean to each other.
The bonds you attach to their comrades. The ties are something special. They can last the rest of their lives.
And it strikes me all the time. Every time I meet our envoy: You all have a wisdom of life and a maturity that goes far beyond your physical age. I experience this every time I have the honor and pleasure of spending a few hours in your company. “