Standing Committee on African Affairs (SCAA)


Col. (Ret) Alfred Fuller


About SCAA

SCA represent members from North America, Central America, South Americas and related countries. Please see under members which organisations SCA represent.

The Committee is chaired by Saif Khan who currently serves as an attorney specializing in Veterans Law in the United States of America.  He was elected Chairman of the Standing Committee for the Americas (SCA) and Vice President of the World Veterans Federation during the first World Veterans Congress that was held in Paris, France in 2019. 

After about two years in troubled zones, he was sent to the Gendarmerie School, for one-year training to obtain the Police Officer diploma. At the end of his training, he was held in Yaoundé and assigned as Deputy Commander of Yaounde Legion because of his sporting abilities. Whils there, he covered the interim of the Commandments of Police Companies of Bafia, Bertoua and Abongbang in the Central Region. From there he moved to the North Yaoundé Gendarmerie Command Lines of Garoua in the north of the country and Mokolo in the Far North with the rank of Captain before being transferred to Batouri in eastern Cameroon, where the High Command assigned to him the creation of the Company in the locality.

Whilst there, he was appointed to represent the Cameroon National Gendarmerie at the Satory Armament Exhibition in France. On his return, he was admitted to the internship of the Inter-Arms Military Academy to obtain the certificate of Staff. After graduating, he was assigned as Head Office Training in the Military Academy. He was the first police officer to hold the position. He trained nearly 250 young officers who graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant. Some of them are current General Officers in the Cameroonian Armed Forces. After four years in this position, he was allocated in August 1980 to the Western Legion of Police as Head of the Office for Proffessional Education. Nine months later, precisely April 9, 1981, he suffered an industrial accident as a result of the explosion of a major offensive that caused the amputation of his right hand whilst he held the rank of Captain. Evacuated to the Military Hospital of Yaounde was treated in the military hospital structure. On his discharge from hospital, he was transferred to the General Staff of the National Gendarmerie and appointed to the rank of Squadron Leader before being sent for prosthetics and rehabilitation at the Invalides Military Hospital in Paris, France in February 1982. Whilst there, he learned that in Cameroon, he was assigned as Head of the Office for Sports of the Armed Forces and Police, he advanced his return to Cameroon and joined his new position. Always driven by a spirit perfectionism, he was appointed Squadron Leader and his office became the “Sports Department”.

In 1988, he was assigned as Deputy Chief of the Military Secretariat Office of the Minister of Defence in addition to his Sports Department position. In 1989, he was posted as Assistant Director of Social Affairs at the Department of Administrative and Regulatory Affairs of the Cameroon Ministry of Defence. In 1990, he was assigned to the Gendarmerie Nationale as Acting Director of Personnel with the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Appointed to the rank of Colonel in 1991, he was tenured as Director of Personnel. In 1998 he took the position of Technical Advisor to the Minister of Defence, seconded to the Secretary of State for Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie and took care of cooperation issues. In 2000, he was posted as Head of General Affairs Division where he was allowed to claim his pension rights from 15 January 2002 but was not actually released until October 4, 2002.

On March 16, 2004, he was recalled by the Head of State of Cameroon who appointed him Managing Director of the National Office of Veterans and Victims of War of Cameroon (ONACAM), a position he holds to date.

In 2006, with the support of the Head of State of the State of Cameroon, ONACAM joined the WVF and Colonel Alfred FULLER was “French language Rapporteur” until August 31, 2015. Because of his contribution the proper functioning and dedication to the cause of this international institution in charge of World Affairs, Colonel (Ret) Alfred FULLER was awarded the medallion of the WVF. He also holds numerous medals awarded to him by his country Cameroon, namely the Sports Medal (3rd Class), the the Knight and Officer Medals of the Cameroon Order of Merit and Officer and Commander medals of the Order of Valour.

On September 2, 2015, Colonel Alfred FULLER was elected President of the Standing Committee on African Affairs during the elections held by the SCAA during the 28th General Assembly.

Colonel FULLER has further knowledge in various fields. He was part of the National Volleyball Team of Cameroon. A famous basketball player in his youth, he held the position of President of the Cameroonian Federation of Basket ball. He was Head of the Cameroonian Delegation to the International Military Sports Council (CISM).

As an artist, he was a musician, cartoonist and painter; he enjoys photography and is a good soundman.

He is bilingual French, English and understands a little Spanish.

He is the father of many children and grandchildren. He loves music and everything that is creative. He is an honorary member of the Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon, a member of the Board of Directors of the Cameroon Federation of Basketball.

Other Members

Major-General (Ret.) Clayton YAACHE

Vice Chairman

Dr. Naim SABIK

Secretary General

Mr. Tut Gatwech GARANG

Head of protocol and public relations

Cdre. Steve George OBIMPEH

Treasurer general

Dr. El Mostafa EL KTIRI

Coordinator for North African and Maghreb countries

Mr. Aloisos Emor Ojetuk OFUHO

Coordinator for East African countries

Mr. Tembile Lucky MAGINXA

Coordinator for South African countries

Mrs. Madeleine LOCKO

President group of working women