Standing Committee for the Americas (SCA)

Saif Khan

Mr. Saif Khan

CHairman of the standing Committee for the americaS

About SCA

SCA represent members from North America, Central America, South Americas and related countries. Please see under members which organisations SCA represent.

The Committee is chaired by Saif Khan who currently serves as an attorney specializing in Veterans Law in the United States of America.  He was elected Chairman of the Standing Committee for the Americas (SCA) and Vice President of the World Veterans Federation during the first World Veterans Congress that was held in Paris, France in 2019. 

After returning from his combat tour in Iraq, he founded the non-profit organization American Veterans Committee to help connect Veterans of the US Armed Forces to employment, international networking and business opportunities. While serving as President of the American Veterans Committee, he also serves as a Partner of the Truman National Security Project and a Commissioner on the Veteran’s Advisory Board for Washington, DC.  Prior to forming American Veterans Committee, he served as Deputy Director and Senior Advisor to Mission: Readiness, a non-profit organization of senior military leaders he helped launch. Mr. Khan has worked with senior military leaders and legislators to identify problems Veterans face and how to fix them.  He continues to strongly advocate for Veteran’s rights and benefits and currently focusing on launching a platform for American Veterans to learn and share best practices with the global Veterans community to assist with military transition.  He was awarded the World Veterans Federation’s Medallion during the 29th General Assembly for his global work to support Veterans. Mr. Khan graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a degree in Political Science and The George Washington University Law School with a Juris Doctor degree in Washington, D.C.