Role and Contribution of Interpreters in Military Contexts

Call for volunteers to be interviewed for a reserach Project at the University of Bologna (Italy). 

Did you serve in Bosnia or Croatia in the 90’s or the year 2000?  Please read on to find out how you can help. 

Photo credit Chuck Cannon/DVIS

Eleonora Bernadi, a researcher from the University of Bologna, Italy, Department for Translation and Interpreting is currently working on a project that investigates the role and contribution of interpreters in military contexts, focussing, as a case study, on the war in former-Yugoslavia in the 90s. In order to do so she is trying to collect documents and interview interpreters and military personnel about the use of interpreting services at the time.

She would very much like to find former military personnel who served in Bosnia and/or Croatia in the 90s/beginning of the year 2000 willing to take part in an interview concerning interpreters. If this applies to you and you would  agree to be interviewed, please contact Ms. Bernardi at for more information.