Health and Welfare Division

Objectives of the division.

  1. To provide WVF members with up-to-date (scientific) information including statistics on all matters related to veteran affairs.
  2. To establish a research and development unit in this Division. This unit will be conceived as a network of researchers and specialists around the world. The HWD will promote the exchange of information in this network and it will stimulate cooperation aimed at developing methods and programs to strengthen the health and welfare of veterans.
  3. This unit could subsequently develop into an International Institute of Veteran Affairs which will provide comprehensive services such as information, training in veteran affairs management, legislation, fundraising techniques and general research facilities.
  4. In addition, as is formulated in resolution 2, adopted by the 28th General Assembly in Sopot, Poland, 30 August – 4 September 2015, to organize a new WVF International Conference on the psychosocial consequences and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, caused by War. Previously, 26-30 April 1998, a first WVF International Scientific Conference on the psychosocial consequences of war took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Since the early days of the pioneers in research and treatment of persons suffering from social, psychological and psychiatric late effects of war time experiences, a vast body of knowledge has been developed.

Mr. Jos Weerts


Jos Weerts is the Chairman of the Division. He works as an independent consultant, addressing stress and trauma in humanitarian and development organizations.He is one of the founders of the Veterans Institute in the Netherlands, where he worked a deputy director/head of the department for research and expertise, from 1999 until 2015.

Dr. Walter Busutti

United Kingdom

Dr. Walter Busuttil has been Director of Medical Services at Combat Stress (UK), a national charity that provides mental health care to Veterans, since 2007.

Dr. Busuttil retired as Wing Commander from the Royal Air Force after 16 years of service. He was part of the team that rehabilitated the British Beirut Hostages and was instrumental in setting up rehabilitation services for personnel returning from Gulf War I with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Dr. Peter Zimmermann


Dr. Peter Zimmermann is Head of the German Armed Forces Center for Military Mental Health in Berlin, and Associate Researcher at the Charité University Clinic Berlin. His scientific interest lies in etiologic and therapeutic aspects (causes and treatment) of moral injury and value orientations in service personel.