World Veterans Congress

Inc. 30th WVF General Assembly Belgrade, Serbia 6th - 10th March 2023

in cooperation with SUBNOR Serbia

Greetings from the President of the World Veterans Federation

Dear colleagues,

I have the honor and pleasure to invite you to the World Veterans Congress which also includes the 30th General Assembly for the World Veterans Federation. This time the congress will be held in Belgrade from 6th to 10th of March 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Our host country, known as the Republic of Serbia, has a rich history and culture. The people of Serbia are known for their friendliness and they always welcome guests to their country.

Our host, the union of Associations of Fighters of the National Liberation Wars of Serbia (SUBNOR) , was one of the WVF’s founders in 1950. They have been excellently involved in the planning to make the congress a success. They have also prepared a program where all the participants will visit several memorable places.

Already in 1951, SUBNOR organized a WVF General Assembly where the participants made important decisions for our mission as a humanitarian federation and in the care-taking of veterans from various wars and conflicts.

The congress’s motto is “respect for diversity”, which is a very relevant topic that will be taken up in the Peace and Security session during the congress.

Let’s together give our colleagues from Serbia full support to make the congress a real success.

I look forward to seeing you in Serbia.

Dan-Viggo Bergtun

President WVF

Letter of invitation

Dear members of The World Veterans Federation, dear friends,

I will have the honour to host you in Belgrade from the 6th to the 10th March 2023.
SUBNOR of Serbia and Yugoslavia one of the founders of WVF in 1950. SUBNOR already hosted the second General Assembly in 1951. The gathering was greeted by the president of the country at the time, Josip Broz Tito, who led the victorious army during the Second World War, The People’s Liberation Army, which made a huge contribution to the front of the forces the winner of that war, over Nazism and fascism.
The State of Serbia, as well as SUBNOR, the successors of the SFRJ inherit a bright tradition of anti-fascism and the fight for the freedom of all peoples of the world from the greatest evil that is humanity has seen Nazi and fascism.
That is exactly why our country, led by President Aleksandar Vučić and the Government of Serbia, knowing the magnitude of the sacrifice that the Serbian people made in the Second world war, wholeheartedly help our veteran organization, aware the fact that today is when we wake up to the ghosts of fascist ideologies a place in the dustbin of history, very important to hear the voice of anti-fascists as a whole Saint!
Recently, we were good hosts of the European Anti-Fascist Conference, which was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Serbia we have confirmation that President Aleksandar Vučić will be the sponsor and of the World Veterans Congress.
The theme of our Congress entitled “Respect for Diversity” aims to emphasizes that, regardless of the regulations of the states that are members of WVF, and all of the other elements by which we differ, we have one in common, a great and bright goal; humanity in stable peace and economic prosperity. We are guided by the maxim that it is better to negotiate for topics in which we are not like-minded.
Because no one, as WVF’s credo says, none can speak more eloquently peace from those who fought in the war!
Once again, I cordially invite you to be our dear guests at the congress, which, we have no doubt, will have a very fruitful work informal and also visit the beautiful capital of Serbia, Belgrade.
In this light, I wish you all the joy of seeing each other soon.

General – Major
Vidosav Kovačević

Event information

The congress will be held in Hotel-M close to the centre of Beograd, Serbia. The congress are open for honorary members, ordinary members, associated member, companion and invited guests. 

Account name:

The World Veterans Federation

Bank account:

9803 18 16963


NO60 9803 1816 963 



Address bank:

DNB, Dronning Eufemias Gate, 0021 OSLO, NORWAY.


We except most delegates and guest will be accommodated  at reduced prices at the hotel, however you can always choose your own accommodation, which you can optionally choose at . The accommodation should be booked and prepaid before 30.01.2023. All delegates, guests and accompanying persons will be required to pay for their own accommodation.

Prices per night per room including breakfast.

For booking: with a copy to

Standard single room: 

 85 Euro

Standard double: 

100 Euro

Premier single:  

120 Euro

Premier double room: 

140 Euro

Temporary program


  12:00 – 22:00 Delegates arrive


























08:00 – 12:00  Registration of delegates at the hotel.
  12:30 – 14:00  Lunch at the hotel.

  14:30 – 15:00  Bus departure for the Opening Ceremony at Guard House Belgrade.

  15:00 – 15:45  Opening Ceremony at the Guard House

  15:45 – 16:15  Coffee break

  16:15 – 17:15  Peace and security session at the Guard House

  17:30  –  18:00 Bus return to the hotel

  19:00  –  22:00  Welcome dinner with entertainment at the hotel


  08:00 – 9:00  Breakfast.
  09:00 – 11:00  Bus to wreath laying ceremony, sight-seeing and back to the Hotel. 
   11:15  –  13:00 Working session no 1, 30th WVF GA.
  13:00  – 14:30 Lunch.
  14:30  – 16:30 Working session no 2.
  16:30  – 18:00 Standing Committees meetings session 3.
  19:30 – 22:00 Dinner in the hotel/ gifts handover.

08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast.

09:00 –  10:00 Working session no 4, WVF 30th GA.

10:00 –   10.30 Coffee Break.

10:30 –    11.00 Health and Welfare session.

11:00 –     11:30 Coffee break.

11:30 –     13:00 Working session no 5, WVF 30th GA.

13:00 –    15:30 Farewell lunch and Closing Ceremony.

15:00 –              Free evening or departure.


08:00 –            Departure delegate


Pictures from the Congress



As all participants in the congress pay for their own travel, they can choose themselves, but as guests in Serbia we would recommend Serbian Air. Check whether your travel route is covered by the airline.

On October 30, 2014, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Decision on visa free entry to the Republic of Serbia for holders of foreign national passports having a valid Schengen, UK and other Member States’ visa, or visa of the United States of America, and for holders of foreign national passports having residence permit in the countries of the Schengen area, EU or the United States of America.

On basis of this decision, the above-mentioned categories of foreign nationals may, without prior visa application, enter, transit and stay in the Republic of Serbia up to 90 days during a six-month period, and within validity of said visas or residence permits.

There is a possibility for foreign nationals to enter the Republic of Serbia with two passports e.g. expired national passport with valid visa or residence permit and valid national passport without valid visa or residence permit.

Foreign nationals, holders of a residence permit in the form of a separate card (not a sticker affixed to their passport), must present their valid passport upon entering the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

...respect for diversity...