Greetings from the President of the World Veterans Federation.

Dear colleagues,
I have the honor and pleasure to invite you to the World Veterans Conference which also includes the 30th General Assembly for the World Veterans Federation. This time the conference will be held in Belgrade from 6th to 10th of March 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia.
Our host country, known as the Republic of Serbia, has a rich history and culture. The people of Serbia are known for their friendliness and they always welcome guests to their country.

Our host, the union of Associations of Fighters of the National Liberation Wars of Serbia (SUBNOR) , was one of the WVF's founders in 1950. They have been excellently involved in the planning to make the congress a success. They have also prepared a program where all the participants will visit several memorable places.
Already in 1951, SUBNOR organized a WVF General Assembly where the participants made important decisions for our mission as a humanitarian federation and in the caretaking of veterans from various wars and conflicts.

Let's together give our colleagues from Serbia full support to make the congress a real success.
I look forward to seeing you in Serbia.