The Swedish Veterans Federation’s (SVF) goals and priorities for Sweden’s veteran policy today and into the future.

The Swedish Veterans Association proudly presents: VETERAN POLICY FOR SWEDEN. A political program of ideas. This is a summary of the SVF’s view of which political issues and goals should be prioritized within Swedish veteran policy and other relevant policy areas from 2020 onwards. The proram was developed by SVF’s associations and the federal board in 2020. Sweden’s veterans today are a bit of a popular movement because about 100,000 Swedes have completed international service in various forms, and they have a conservatve estimate of up to 500,000 close relatives who have been greatly affected by often risky and stressful assignments. The goals and priorities presented are well-balanced and realistic and aim to improve the situation for the country’s veterans and streamline an important activity for Sweden.

SVF’s starting point is that a responsible veteran policy, with the individual at the center, is good for Sweden! Decisions on initiatives with Swedish staff are made by the Swedish Parliament. This means that all political parties are directly involved in and responsible for the formulation of veteran policy. SVF’s political issues have been divided into 25 points. Here are five of them:

  • Develop veteran policy: All political parties should have a basic veterans policy with clear goals, priorities and funding.
  • Appoint political representatives: All political parties should have veteran policy representatives and contact persons. This is especially important at national and municipal level.
  • Keep the policy together: Veterans policy should constitute a coherent policy covering all three political levels, ie national, regional and municipal level.
  • Anchor the policy: Veterans policy should be pursued, developed, financed and communicated precisely on the same way as any other policy.
  • Support our veterans:  The yellow ribbon, which is sold for the benefit of Sweden’s veterans and their relatives, can be advantageously and suitably highlighted by political representatives at all levels and of all preferably in connection with Veterans Day on 29 May.