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International network with over 60 millions Veterans across the globe

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) is an international non-profit, non-governmental umbrella veteran organization. The WVF's mission is to be the leading organization promoting wellbeing and providing assistance and aid to veterans and victims of war and assisting the international community in the promotion of international peace and security.

WVF Credo

Ralph Bunche Nobel Peace Prize, 1950

“None can speak more eloquently for peace than those who have fought in war. The voices of war veterans are a reflection of the longing for peace of people the world over, who within a generation have twice suffered the unspeakable catastrophe of world war. Humanity has earned the right to peace. Without it, there can be no hope for the future. And without hope, man is lost. The voice of the people must be heeded. They aspire to a richer life in freedom, equality and dignity, as in things material; they pray for peace. Their will for peace and a better life can be, must be, crystallized into an irresistible force against war, aggression and degradation. The people have had to work and sacrifice for wars. They will work more willingly for peace. Let there be a dedicated effort, a greater crusade than history has ever known, for a world of peace, freedom and equality.”

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Newly appointed Secretay General of The World Veterans Federation The Board of the WVF are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Anders Ramnerup as Secretary General as of Mar

On October 1, 2021, the head office was moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Our office is centrally located near the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG). The new address is: THE WORLD

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